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It's beach time!

There are so many interesting shapes and textures on the beach. This beach in Ontario, Canada on the North shore of Lake Erie was no exception.

During the summer of 2019, my family took a trip to the North shore of Lake Erie in Ontario Canada. My daughter wanted to have a beach vacation, but we didn't want to do a big trip to one of the coasts of the US which would have required a plane trip and the outlay of a lot more money. So we decided to load up our van and drive from Wisconsin to Fort Erie, Ontario. We rented a vacation home on lake Erie and had an amazing time exploring a Great Lakes beach.

There were rather large thunder storms rolling over the lake many of the nights we were there, but the days were beautiful and allowed us plenty of opportunity to do some beach combing. I made this image on one such outing. I stumbled upon this collection of sticks and shells washed up on the beach and I just loved the textures of the small sticks and the way the jagged and broken ends of the sticks contrasted with the smooth shells in the foreground. It's amazing to think about the power of water and the beauty that it can create.

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