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Left over bubbles

My daughter is an amazingly artistic young person.

One day she was experimenting with bubble painting which is a technique where you mix acrylic paint with kids bubble liquid in a shallow bowl, then blow into the liquid with a straw to create a mound of bubbles, and finally lay a sheet of paper down over the top of the bubbles to create an abstract image. She was at the dining room table and the way the window was reflecting off the bubbles was amazing to me. After she was done painting, she let me play with the bubbles. Normally, I'm all about finding a unique perspective on an object or scene that I come across. I don't often create the scenes or subjects in my images, but this was one of the few times that I've been able to so successfully. It was a delightful surprise to notice the reflections in the bubbles on the right side of the image and to see the multiple different ways that the windows were reflected in different bubbles throughout.

I especially love this image because my daughter's creativity sparked my enthusiasm for making this image and resulted in me being able to make some pretty creative art myself. I would classify myself as a pretty strong introvert, but I've noticed throughout my life that many of my creative bests have come from being in the presence of other creatives doing their thing.

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