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My favorite place in the world

I made this image at one of my favorite spots in the world. Every summer my family and I go to northern WI USA for a week to get away from our everyday life in the city and spend time in nature with some wonderful friends. The family camp where we stay has a small collection of paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks that can be taken out on this small peaceful lake. If we're lucky, we can hear the Loons calling to each other while we're on the water. It's magical!

We've been coming to this special place for over 10 years now. Since our kids were little. One of the reasons we love coming here each summer is that it's a safe place for our kids to run around and be kids without us having to worry about whether they're safe or not. It's just so relaxing to not have to be 'on' as a parent 100% of the time for a week.

I happened to be walking past the waterfront with my camera late one afternoon and the reflection of the clouds in the glassy surface of the lake caught my eye. The clouds and their reflection was just too perfect to pass up. I really felt like I HAD to make this image. Once I removed the color this image became one of my all-time favorites.

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